Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So just when business things are rolling right along things start breaking. We replaced the motherboard on my computer back in December and everything was fine until two days ago when I tried to upload some pictures from my camera and my USB ports didn't work. That's portS as in all three of them! I think I may have to send my new motherboard back now which means being without a computer for a few weeks again. And if that weren't bad enough my car starts stalling when I stop! I'm so annoyed...I just want to concentrate on my glass!

I did have a good night last night. I went down to Glasscraft for the monthly BeadCluster meeting which I am not normally able to attend due to work. I got a few new glass colors to play with and visited with my wonderful bead friends.

Now I'm just waiting for my new oxy tank to get here so I can start to play!

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